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This site is for e-Commerce I :: Dade L.

Dade A. L.
4th Period e-Commerce I
February 2011

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Dade's Geography :: Dade's Computer Background :: Dade's Favorite Links :: An Image That Describes Dade

Dade's Geography

I was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1995. I later moved to Raleigh after my dad was deployed to another country. At around the age of nine I moved to Knightdale where I now live.

Dade's Computer Background

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with computers. I experimented with them at a younger age. I had always wanted to develop my own computer applications. At the time, however, we quickly learned that the subject was "slightly" over my head. Not only that, it was very hard to find details on the subject I we were looking for. At the age of eight, I discovered Java, a popular computer programming language. I was still very young so needless to say, I didn't get very far with it. At the age of nine my mother, who had gone to college for computer related studies, introduced me to webpage development using FrontPage, the Microsoft equivalent to Adobe Dreamweaver. Although the interface was completely visual, I started to slowly pick up how to do minor changes and edit the WebPages that I had already made. Later that year, me and my friend stumbled on some neat information on how to make our own applications using We quickly started learning more and more together about the language. After learning quite a lot about the language, we started branching out. I am a proud programmer with seven scripting languages (HTML, XML, Batch,, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and Lua) and four programming languages under my belt (, C#, Java, Basic). I've been (technically, age restrictions prevented me from the actually getting them) certified in both C# and I work every day on amazing projects and hope to continue my education on the subject!

Dade's Favorite Links

These are a list of my favorite links and the reason why they are my favorite.

Link 1:
Roblox is a "Sandbox Game". It has a strong community of "scripters" that I enjoy discussing concepts for higher level thinking and building my own "Roblox Places/Games" utilizing the built in Lua scripting. I am a highly respected member of the site and have enjoyed this site for the last three years. I visit it nearly every day.

Link 2:
StackOverFlow is a website devoted for answering questions based on application development. Questions can be asked and answered by community members. I really enjoy this site because it provides me with a ton of help in my day-to-day work.

Link 3:
Google, the number one visited website in the world, comes in third because of its tremendous help! Although it isnít the best resource when looking for factual information (Facts or History); Google provides me with help for the thing I like most. This would be programming! This kind of information is hardly ever false, and within a few minutes, I can verify the information myself while testing.

An Image That Describes Dade

This is an image that describes me:

Image from Click here for a direct link to the image.

This image describes me pretty well. Most people associate monkeys as silly animals. I can be pretty silly sometimes; I may also do some odd things. Monkeys are also associated with being "clever". This is because of there unique curiosity. I feel that I have similar attributes.